Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second build day

June 22, 2013
Build day in Fitchburg, MA

Saturday was our second build day of the trip! We stayed in Fitchburg, MA a second night and slept in until 6:30am before we got up to build. Once our music ended for the alarm, one of the hosts from the church serenaded us with a song he had written himself. It was definitely a first for the trip. After breakfast, we all walked to the build site just a few blocks away. The house was done being built but needed quite a bit of landscaping. The family consisted of a mother and her son who was in a wheelchair. He had been in a car accident as a child that left him unable to walk. The job of the day was to move a giant pile of gravel from the driveway to places where it was actually needed. 

They thought that there would be a lot of poison ivy in the overgrown backyard they were working in though, so instead of working at the house, I went with a few other people to work at the ReStore. There, one group did some minor landscaping outside and cleaning of the products being sold on the floor while my group washed and primed the break room. Priming sounded fun, but when we got there, we realized one wall was entirely cinder blocks so there were small holes in the wall that the roller couldn't get and the wooden walls had vertical grooves running from the ceiling to the floor every 5 inches. Needless to say, it took a very long time. It was the most arm workout I have done in a while. 



The highlight of my day though was when a group of us went to see Monsters University at a nearby theater. It. Was. Awesome. 

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