Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some struggles

June 29, 2013
Mt Pocono, PA to Berwick, PA

Leaving Mt Pocono today it was chilly and foggy. It was the first time I have worn my wind breaker this whole trip! The fog did make everything kind of cool looking though. Coming down and big hill, we saw a car with flashing lights and a huge group of Bike & Builders standing around with a car stopped midway into a turn into a flea market. When we got there we learned that one of the girls on the trip had had a collision with the car. Luckily she was alright, albeit some road burn and a little shaken from the whole thing. It was our first accident of the trip and the scariest part was that she had been doing everything she could to make herself visible to other drivers. We all took a breather at the wawa across the street to regroup. 

The rest of the day was filled with both steep and steady inclines that were almost always followed my amazing downhills. We have all learned very quickly what it takes to climb and it's awesome to feel yourself getting better and better at it. 

Going through some farmlands of PA, we found a farm that had a baby cow in a small pen right on the side of the road. We later met the owner and he introduced us to his donkey named Donkey and his giant turkey (that sadly didn't have a name). He told us that you must talk to your animals and eventually they will recognize his voice. The whole experience felt kind of like a strange petting zoo. 

After that there were more awesome hills with even bigger downhills and everything was so incredibly beautiful. 

When we finally made it to the town just before Berwick, PA, we found a giant chicken that was festively decorated for the 4th of July. Obviously we took pictures with it because it's the small things when you're biking across the country. 

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  1. Sarah riding a chicken. Oh no! Your a Bowdoin grad, remember!