Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this journey and donated to Bike & Build.  All of the money that is raised by riders this summer will be allocated to various affordable housing organizations, both ones that I work with throughout the country this summer and others that have applied for grant money from Bike & Build.  None of this would have been possible without the generous contributions of many friends and family.

Madelena Rizzo
Sara Davenport
Lara Kaiserian
Christopher Fung
Mason Moss
Josh Freidman
Maddy Kruhly
Matt Frongillo
Jessica Horstkotte
Sarah Fiske
The Cutler Family
The Einspanier Family
Tom Morrison
Vy Nguyen
The Kirch Family
The Fischer Family
Richard Raymond
Gabi Serrato Marks
Grant Easterbrook
Matt Kwan
The Houpt Family
Helen White
The Stanley Family
Henry Berghoff
The Robertson Family
Dani McAvoy
The Hastings Family
The Luker Family
The Fell Family
The Lauzon Family
Sarah Verbofsky
The Heller Family
Alex Tougas
Caitlin Callahan
Omar Sohail
Bridget Killian
Mat Kaliski
Eli Bass
Will McCartney
Toby Zitsman
Michael Lachance
Basyl Stuyvesant
Michele Parkinson
Kaley Kokomoor
Alison Celello
Priscilla Connolly
Melissa Haskell
Noah Pyles
Kurt Herzog
Emma Pyle
Andres Botero
Michael Hendrickson
Sydney Congdon
The Wiberg Family
Kirk Miller
The Marshall Family
Francis DeRoos and Jeanmarie Perrone
Mai Kristofferson
Olivia Pfeifer
Andrew Ward
Jeff Sires
The Doyle Family
Sun Park
Karl Reinhardt
Michele Ober
Susan Tanabaum
Robert Johnston
David Walker
Katie Byrnes
Jan Blynn
Brad Burnham
Laurel Varnell
Jean Kane
Shirley Kessel
Katie Carter
Sonia Manssen
Lindsey Warren-Shriner
Jeff Zhou
Zoe Eiber
Amanda Blick
Marybeth Cellelo
Zack Perez
John Herd
Sylvia Zohrabian
Michael Casciato
The Kaiserian Family
Jennie Lorenzo

A special thank you to my parents for helping me gather the necessary cycling gear and helping me prepare for my trip.  Also, thank you to the many people who offered their support in other ways.  I would not be able to make it across the country without all of your love and support.