Friday, August 16, 2013

Painting a garage

August 12, 2013
Build day in Payson, AZ

The Payson Area Habitat is a relatively small chapter so much of what they have been doing is called Brush of Kindness.  This means that they go around to neighborhoods and instead of moving people into new homes possibly in different parts of the city, they instead just ask the homeowners if they need any work done and they get volunteers to do that work.  A group of us had the opportunity to work on such a house and we were responsible for painting their garage. It was a larger garage than I expected and took us a while to get everything done.  It's easy to forget about all the little things that need to be painted and they took time.  It was a hot day but we all had fun chatting with the homeowners and the women from Habitat that came out to help.  When the day was over I was exhausted and passed out.  Dinner that night was awesome again with all the women of Habitat.  We ended the night with a cinnamon roll--you make a line of people and then roll together into a group hug!  We clearly all love each other.


  1. Sarah............your blogs are better than ever. Keep them coming. Gee and I are very proud of you and your "adventurousness". You will be missed but much disgusted at my 80th next week.

    Love, PaPa

  2. Sarah........from an old song, "Love is a wonderful Thing". How true, how true!

    Peddle on.....PaPa