Friday, August 2, 2013

Best sweep day ever

July 28, 2013
Chandler, OK to Yukon, OK

Today was my third day being sweep! Sweep is always pretty fun because you don't have to go that fast and you have to stop at all the cool places people find along the way to take breaks at if you catch them. Today especially was filled with lots of fun things to pass the time! The first cool place we found people was at a historic gas station on Route 66. Apparently it's the oldest remaining one along the road. 

Our next attraction was one that we knew we would pass because we had seen other riders post about it on Facebook already. And it's a good thing we knew about it because it was very small, but definitely worth it. 

This sign was in the driveway of a weird auto repair shop (or at least that's what a few of the signs said...). It's pretty cool that this road goes from Chicago to LA. A few more miles down the road and we hit another Route 66 attraction--the round barn! It's a historical site merely because its round. We went upstairs into the loft and played with the acoustics and windows. 

Literally less than a mile from the round barn, we hit our main attraction of the day--Pop's!! It's just a gas station on Route 66 but it's way more than that. They have over 650 flavors of soda available for purchase and some of them get really weird. We spent a few hours there trying sodas and eating lunch. 

The rest of the ride was not nearly as exciting, but it was generally pretty populated which was a change. We also encountered our first real head winds. They were tough to ride in, but I'm sure we'll encounter much worse on this trip. When we got to the host site it was like we had accidentally biked to a spa. We were greeted at the door with ice cold towels to cool us down and then our bikes were put in the que for free maintenance provided by a local bike shop. They also had provided amazing snacks and took us across the street to one of the church member's pool. We were in heaven.


The dinner they provided was also amazing. And just to top it off, they had an ice cream social set up with all different types of homemade ice cream! The whole church was invited so a lot of people were there. It was the most people we've given the presentation to so far. We've had an amazing time in Oklahoma--everyone has bee extremely generous and friendly. 

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