Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mountain Time

August 3, 2013
Friona, TX to Portales, NM

Another state line crossing today and another time change!  Only two more states left and one more time zone--yikes this trip is flying by!  As always, the state line was really fun.  This time we had a bunch of people so got lots of pictures!

The first town we entered in New Mexico was amusingly called Texico, New Mexico.  Being the mature adults we are, we repeated this fun rhyming town name for the next couple miles.  Just a few miles down the road, we hit the major stop of the day, Joes Boot Shop.  We had heard about this store from previous Bike & Builders as well as the host from Friona.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I walked in I was immediately overwhelmed.  There seemed to be thousands of boots lined up on racks and next to them were tons of belts and hats.

We all headed to the back where we knew that there were sale shoes.  The girls had a bunch of fun trying on the different boots.  Ultimately I chose an awesome black and brown pair that I absolutely love. The rest of the day wasn't much to write home about, so my group played an amazingly fun game called The Valley of the Green Doors for a loooong time.  It's basically a word game where one person comes up with a rule and the rest of the group has to try and figure it out.  The first rule is always the same and the game goes like this.  The person who knows the rule says "In the Valley of the Green Doors you can have bobby pins but not hair." and you have to figure out why you can have one but not the other.  The person keeps saying examples until someone thinks they know the rule and they ask the person if they can bring a certain thing but not another.  The game doesn't end until everyone gets the rule.  It was a really fun game to pass a lot of time.  Once everyone got the first rule someone came up with another and the game started again.  Once we got to Portales we were told to head to a malt shop that was apparently amazing.  (But before we passed it we went by this really cool jet plane!)

I got a chocolate coconut malt and was not disappointed. We stayed the night at Eastern New Mexico University in BEDS!  That night we went to a local church for dinner and the Mayor Pro-Tem declared August 3, 2013 as Bike & Build Day.  It was super cool!  

It's still incredible how excited people get about us coming through  their cities even when we don't build there.  The pastor made a point that I hadn't thought of before about how we affect the towns we pass through--the kids and young adults in these towns see us doing something that is both awesome and extremely helpful to the country.  I hadn't thought about what it would have been like to be a kid seeing a group of young bikers come through my town with a mission such as ours.

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