Saturday, August 31, 2013

A day at the park

August 29, 2013
Palmdale, CA to Santa Clarita, CA

We start our last three days of biking today! We've been calling them the three Santas because first we go to Santa Clarita, then Santa Paula, and finally Santa Barbara. Pretty hard to believe we've made it this far! This morning I found out that Six Flags Magic Mountain is basically in Santa Clarita and that it could be very possible to go there today. Even though I left in the last group of the morning, since we didn't stop for Starbucks we were out front for most of the ride. Not too far into the morning ride, Jeff reached 4000 miles! I don't think I'll reach that exactly, but it's definitely getting close. If only my bike computer hadn't decided to not work all the time... Regardless, I am still super impressed by everyone on this trip for making it this far. To make us seem even more awesome though, today's ride included a stretch of race course for a California bike race. Part of the race includes a King of the Mountains award and our route today included one of the peaks. It was a hard hill to get up--definitely not something I'd want to race. 

The downhill on the other side was so incredible though that it was worth all the pain of climbing. We stopped at the trailer for lunch along the downhill and took a quick splash in the shallow creek that was along the side of the road. It was quite refreshing and I stuck my head under a small waterfall to cool off. 

Back on our way, at least 85% of the rest of the ride was downhill. It was unreal and amazing! The scenery was also gorgeous--mountainous and very California. We got to the host site in amazing time, and pretty soon after started biking to Six Flags, which was only about 6 miles away. After a little confusing about group rates if our while group wasn't there at once, we were in the park taking on all of the roller coasters! Usually I'm pretty scared of roller coasters but this trip has made me feel like I can do anything so I just went for everything. I am so glad I did! We had a group of 8 and had an absolute blast for almost 5 hours in the park. My favorites were the one where it rotates you 90° so you're flying like superman and the ride actually called Superman. We also got some pictures with the local super heros in spandex. 

We made it back for 6pm dinner and then a group of us went out for Rita's--the first Rita's in Southern California! I tasted just like home. The night was then spent doing nails, chatting with Sam, and watching chick movies.  So relaxing. I love this group. 

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