Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Steak Challenge

August 1, 2013
Build day in Amarillo, TX

The house we were building today was a five bedroom house, one of the biggest we've worked on so far. There were lots of different jobs for people to be doing so everyone was working hard the whole day. 

I was on the roof with my friend Shane putting in trusses that connect with the porch roof. We got to use a nail gun! It was a lot of measuring and math. We had to use the Pythagorean Theorem and find angles using sine and tangent. My high school calculus teacher would be very disappointed in how rusty my skills were, but we made it through. It was fun being on the roof and working with just one other person. 

When Shane would go down and cut the wood we needed, I would just lay on my back and soak in the giant blue sky. It was amazing. After we finished the roof we came down and helped people put up siding. Overall it was a wonderful day. Today was actually a very big day in ME2SB13 world. Today was the day that Shane was going to take on the 70 oz steak challenge at The Big Texan. We all got dressed up in our shirts that the Amarillo Habitat gave us and went outside to meet our Texas longhorn limos that came to take us to the restaurant. It was another moment on this trip where I had to pinch myself just to check that this is in fact real life. 

The restaurant was huge and had an awesome gift shop. Since Shane was doing the challenge, he had to sit up on a stage in the front of the restaurant with a timer behind him. 

The challenge is to finish a 70 oz steak meal in under an hour. Along with the steak he also had to finish three fried shrimp, a salad, a roll, and a baked potato! Once he started the challenge so many strangers eating in the restaurant came up to the table to take his picture. It was ridiculous! The whole evening was so much fun cheering him on. At one point two men told him that they would give him $100 each if he finished the meal. Unfortunately he didn't finish the whole meal--ate 56 oz of the steak though! If he had finished the meal it would have been free. Since he didn't, it was $72. We all had chipped in at the beginning, but the guys who put up the $200 ended up paying for his meal and then donating the $200 to Bike & Build. They were awesome. 

It seems that everywhere we go we A) make a complete scene, but B) find people that are incredibly generous and supportive of what we're doing. Tonight was so much fun being together as a team. 

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