Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sweeping again!

July 31, 2013
Wheeler, TX to Amarillo, TX

Today was my third time being sweep my second time in four days, my second century sweep, and my first time being sweep with David. The day started off very foggy, like we were biking in a cloud. 

We set a new sweep record and didn't run into any other riders until mile 20! For a few miles we thought we could be on the wrong road. We rode on the same road for a while and came across our first cattle farm. It was horrifying. So far we've only seen the romanticized image of farming in beautiful pastures. This was neither beautiful not a pasture. There were cows on top of cows and the place seemed to go on forever. It was a depressing site but a glimpse of the reality that is the food industry in this country. 

The road we took there was one of the worst we've been on so far. It was not gravel but it was bumpy the whole way. I felt like my hands and feet were going numb. It got so bad that we kept thinking the mirages we saw in the distance were smoother roads. At one point we really did hit a patch of smooth pavement and we couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was. Unfortunately it didn't last for very long. To pass the time on the long straight road, David and I played a great game of Guess How Many Miles Away That Big Object In The Distance Is. Pretty much every time we made a guess we were short by a lot. 

Despite the bumps and the long road, we made it to the host site in amazing time. Our host for the night was a Habitat for Humanity site, our first of the trip. A bunch of people went out tonight, but when I came up the stairs to get in the taxi I saw the The Office was on. I was immediately conflicted. Ultimately I decided to stay and watch an Office matching and it was the best decision. 

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  1. good choice on watching the office :)