Where in the country is Sarah?


  1. Sarah.....September is definitely Blog month.Since Aug 19 to last night, I read your commentaries which are first rate in details and supported beautifully with photos. You should that upon entering the Air Force flying south TX near the border, a group of us "student pilots" (aka 3rd Lieutenants by some 2nd Lt.'s) traveled to Monterrey, MX and rode Burros up and down some trails like you described. Also, Gee and I in the 1970s
    rafted through the Grand Canyon on an Amherst alumni trip for 9 days learning far too much about geology, botany, and history.But fortunately cribbage players were abundant within the 30 group (15 in two neoprene rafts) We began at Lee's Ferry and ended at Lake Mead and Las Vegas. Slept under the stars almost every night.Someday take a 5 day trip down the Colorado River through some of greatest rapids anywhere.

    Like you, it's hard to imagine that you almost in California and will be flying easterly with you parents.

    Before I forget, do you have an address in ME for us to send a Bowdoin chair with arm rests? Remember it's our graduation gift for what you accomplished at Bowdoin. When would like to receive it, early October or late September if possible.

    My 80th was terrific and very memorable. We missed you, Will and Jane, but you cards were very warm and appreciated. How were the mini
    Baby Ruth received by you friends?

    Now that I know flat tires are commonplace and many road surfaces are challenging, stay alert at all times and enjoy the final leg of your Great Adventure

  2. Sarah.....just noticed my first comment was delivered. Now you can compare it with the second. Just and 80 yr old moment!!