Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A monsoon build day

August 19, 2013
Build day in Williams, AZ

This build day was our second to last build day of the summer!  How has that happened already?!  We got up way earlier than normal for a build day--5:30--because it is currently monsoon season here in AZ as we experienced hiking out of the Grand Canyon two days ago.  We split into two groups and set out to go paint the exterior walls of two different houses through the Brush of Kindness program in Habitat.  I started the day by scraping loose paint from the trim of the windows and doors so we could paint it the new gray color.  I painted for a little while, but then I was recruited for taping plastic up to shield windows and doors from the paint sprayer.  I worked with Daniel to complete this project and we shared a single small step ladder.  It was pretty hilarious to watch us both try to be up on the ladder--one person holding up the plastic and the other taping it to the trim.  We joked that we were in "Couples Construction" all day and it made the hours fly by.  Unfortunately, the rain came early around 11:30 so we had to stop for a little while we waited to see if it would pass.  During this time we all crammed into the van and our lunches showed up.  So nobody had to get out of their cars, the guy drove right up next to our van and handed the bag lunches across the windows like a drive through.  It was pretty amusing.  

The rain eased up for a little while, but ultimately we didn't get much more completed which was a bummer.  When the storm turned into one of the scariest thunder and lightning storms I've ever experienced, we decided that we should probably call it quits.  After showers, I explored the town of Williams with Casey and Jeff for a bit before dinner.  It's a really cute touristy town along Route 66 with lots of little shops.  The big news of the day was that Ellie came back from the hospital today!  She's up and walking with a cane and a back brace, which is amazing! She's so positive and we're all happy she's back.  It's hard to believe we're all going to be going separate ways in a few short weeks!

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