Saturday, August 3, 2013

A rest day

July 29, 2013
Yukon, OK to Cordell, OK

I've had a cold for the past two weeks that I haven't been able to kick. This morning I woke up and finally conceded and decided to take the day in the van to rest and allow my body to get better. This was a hard decision because I don't like missing any biking, but I know it will be better in the long run. After everyone had left for the day, I hopped in the van and passed out immediately. I woke up when we got to the lunch spot and assumed we were at a gas station like usual. When I heard bikers arrive, I got up to see that we were in an Oklahoman oasis! It was the most beautiful thing I could have woken up to. 

They also had one of the most surprisingly intense water slides I've ever seen. I didn't go on but it was extremely amusing to watch. 

The rest of the ride in the van I sat in the front since I thought if I got any more sleep I wouldn't be able to fall asleep that night. It wasn't fun driving by all of my teammates because I wished I was out there with them in the heat and the headwinds. I realized that I had lost all concept of how fast cars can move because we reached the host site, 45 miles away, in no time at all. Once there we found a hose out in the front and greeted people with it as they came in. Tonight was also laundry night for my chore group and what a struggle it was. The laundrymat in Cordell didn't even have a change machine so we had to go 20 miles away to Clinton, OK. Once we out all the clothes in the washers, we were told that they wouldn't be done for 45 minutes and that we had to be out no later than 10pm. That left us almost no time at all to dry the clothes. Luckily it wasn't very busy so once the washers started getting done we frantically ran around the place stuffing only 2 or 3 laundry loops of clothing in each dryer hoping the space would allow them to dry quicker. By 10 exactly we had our last loop out of the dryer and only a few things were still damp. I know a couple people were annoyed that their laundry wasn't completely dry, but we did our best and kept our cool doing it, too. The sunset was also a nice end to the night. 

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  1. Love the video! I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your pictures. I read a few of the blogs that the riders write. It is interesting to read the different perspectives of each rider. Be safe! See you in California!
    Jan Green
    (Phil's Mom)