Monday, July 15, 2013

100 mile sweep!

July 11, 2013
Yellow Springs, OH to Rushville, IN

First I want to say today was my best friend and roommates 22nd birthday!! Happy birthday Melissa!! I love her so much and have yet to actually spend a birthday with her, but I took a couple pictures. 

Our ride today was our second century of the trip! As opposed to the one going into State College, I was way more excited than nervous about this one. To make it even better, I was sweep with my friend Daniel! Again, that means we went last and were responsible for making sure everyone made it to the host site. The day started off nice, one of the few days where the sky has been blue when we started riding. We also started out on a bike path and were on bike paths for a good portion of the first half of the day. Unfortunately a little less than 10 miles into the trip, two girls on my trip collided and one had to be taken to the hospital for her head and shoulder. She's alright now, but had to spend the night in Ohio and will be traveling with us in the van until her shoulder is better and she can ride. It was a hard way to start a long day of sweeping. The path we were on was really nice--not too crowded and wide enough so we could ride side by side and chat while we rode. 

Daniel and I had a lot of fun being silly on the bike path and getting to know each other better. When it came time for first lunch, neither of us wanted what we had in the trailer. Luckily lunch was in an adorable town called Farmersville in Ohio so we stopped at a place calle Miss Molly's and got a free lunch! They were super excited about what we were doing and gave us the best food in the world. We both were in heaven. We even got a picture with Molly herself!

After lunch we continued cruising on flat roads passing tons of corn fields and soy fields. It was really beautiful at times. 

The highlight of the stretch in between first lunch and second lunch was crossing the Indiana-Ohio state border! For 0.1 miles we rode of Stateline Road where one side of the road was Ohio and the other side of Indiana. Daniel and I had a lot of fun playing around the state line jumping/biking back and forth from one state to the other. 

Once we reached second lunch, we were both getting tired and hot so we split a free milkshake from an awesome restart we had stopped at. It hit the spot. Once everyone had left second lunch, we hopped back on our bikes and finished the last 50 miles switching who was in front of the other every 10 miles. This allowed us to take a few breaks and at least for me made the time and the miles go by faster. When we finally reached the church, there were so many enthusiastic people waiting outside for us. It was probably one of the best greetings we've had by a church yet. I was at 99.0 miles for the day so I biked down the block and back a bit to hit exactly 100.0 miles! 

A new personal best for longest ride. That day Daniel and I had chosen the sweep challenge and it was who could get a picture of the best plank. (Planking is when you lie down flat on something as straight as can be and someone takes a picture). The girls who won did a plank on a swivel hospital chair while the girl who was in the accident sat in her hospital bed with a thumbs up. It was pretty great. Another great one was of a guy being held up by 4 teammates so it looks like he was planking on the cornfields. People seemed to have some fun with the challenge. After a long day, the church made us an amazing meal with fresh corn they had picked earlier that day. It was awesome. It still amazes me how generous everyone is that we've encountered on this trip. 

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