Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beautiful Missouri

July 18, 2013
Belle, MO to Lake Ozark, MO

Today was my first town presentation! Each morning before we leave for the day, a rider presents facts, both affordable housing related and fun facts, about the town we're riding to. It's a great way to know a little about the place we're going to especially since we are only just passing through most towns on our route. There have been a few mornings where towns were somehow not assigned to anybody and for some reason I was unofficially assigned to read their Wikipedia pages. Today, however, I had done actual research and was excited to present. The Lake of the Ozarks is the premiere lake resort destination for the Midwest. Unfortunately we didn't get to explore it very much or even swim in the lake! However, the ride there was absolutely gorgeous Missouri country side and the sweepstakes challenge was a lot of fun with my group. It was a long hot ride again, but we took multiple dance breaks and snack breaks. We had a major reroute because the route we were supposed to take turned out to be all gravel. The sweepstakes was the best tribal video or picture. Right when they said that I immediately got the song Baba Yetu stuck in my head. Our tribal dance to this song turned out amazing and we ended up winning the sweepstakes! It was super exciting. For lunch we stopped at a local place in a super small town and I got a cheese burger--so amazingly delicious. As of today Missouri is in my top three for prettiest states we've biked through so far. 

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  1. Sarah...........Belle, MO. Terrific photos. I always read the text first,then click your blog for the photos. By the way what is a "blog"? Thank you again for the details of your adventure. Unfortunately,I can't relate to this torture! But then, you can't relate to working in the engine area of an oil tanker at a constant 100 degree temp. During the summer after my junior at Amherst, I signed on for three trips on a Sun Oil tanker from Philadelphia to Port Arthur, TX. That was my first my first true adventure. I'm sorry to say, that photos on and of the tanker were misplaced many years ago. C'est la vie....PaPa