Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The flattest day yet

July 14, 2013
Sumner, IL to Salem, IL

Today was definitely the flattest day we've had so far by a lot, and it started out sunny and hot because of the time change. We were on the same road for basically the entire day and boy was it boring.

There were only two towns that we passed through that had anything going on other than cornfields and the only hills that existed were man made to make bridges over other roads or streams. I was riding with three awesome girls and we made the best of a hot, boring day by taking lots of stretch breaks and chatting when we could while riding. At some points during the ride it felt like you could see for miles! 

One interesting thing we passed by was a Walmart truck depot! That meant that every now and then a giant Walmart semi truck would pass us on the road--super fun. The sweepstakes challenge that day was an interesting one. Before we started biking for the day each person picked someone's name out of a hat and that was the person they needed to get a sneaky photo or video of. We called it secret agent because that person wasn't supposed to know you had them or had taken their picture. Lucky for me I was riding with the girl I had, but it was also tricky because I had to be sneaky about getting her picture. When we stopped for lunch we all went to a CVS and I got this gem while she was checking out. 

This sweepstakes also made the boring day go by a bit faster. Luckily we only were riding 60 miles that day so we knew we would be getting in early. Other interesting things we saw on our ride was fish road kill and a carnival being transported past us in pieces. The fish was really strange, just dead slaughter fish in the middle of the road. It smelled nothing like the road kill we're used to and we will probably never see it again. The carnival went by us on large flatbed trucks and there were all sorts of fun looking rides. We were really hoping that it was going to Salem and we would get to ride on them. Unfortunately the carnival wasn't in Salem when we arrived at 2pm, but the guys had found an insane swimming park just a half mile from our church that was letting us in for free! It had a HUGE water slide, two diving boards, and a splash zone area. It was amazing. Even though the biking was really boring, it was fun being with the girls I was with and then getting to hang out as a big group and do normal people summer activities. 

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