Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweeping sweepstakes

June 6, 2013
Coshocton, OH to Columbus, OH

As usual, the day started off with a big morning hill. It was long, steep at times, and definitely too early to be climbing. However, our spirits were not crushed because sweep today had picked possibly the best sweepstakes challenge ever--"best road side dance party". Not long into our ride, we found an abandoned house and felt inspired to do a haunted theme dance on the porch. 

This lead to an even more elaborate and scary dance a couple miles down the road in a corn field. Needless to say, we got very into this challenge. It made the day fly by. We stopped for lunch and grabbed subway (so good when biking!) and headed out to finish the day quickly because we had big plans for the editing of our sweepstakes dance video. Ohio has been beautiful so far with lots of farmland. 

Finally as we got closer to Columbus we hit the suburbs. It was very distinctly different than the rest of Ohio that we'd seen thus far and felt like we'd finally reached real civilization. With a few miles to go in the day, we officially passed our 1000 mile mark!! Most of us had already passed it with the number of detours we have had and times we've gotten lost, but it was super exciting to know that we've biked this far already!

Finally at the host site, we put together our dance video. It's a little strange but so much fun to make. It ended up winning the contest, only because the one that should have won was filmed by the judges and they felt biased. The video that won was of a guy on our trip, Matt. He danced inside a drive through carwash to the song "Carwash" and it was insanely funny. I was crying I was laughing so hard when I watched it. To see our video, head to this link: http://youtube/4TDwRYTlIaI. That night we were staying right next to The Ohio State University so we went out to a college bar on a roof. It had such a good view of the campus and was a great way to wind down after a great day. 

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