Thursday, July 25, 2013

First build day in Joplin

July 22, 2013
First build day in Joplin, OH

Walking to the build site this morning all of us couldn't help but wonder if where we would be working had been in the path of the tornado. Sure enough it was, and once the site manager Matt explained to us where the path had gone, it was hard to miss it. It wasn't because there were tons of vacant lots (almost every house was rebuilt already actually), but it was the lack of trees. When the tornado came through it ripped out every last tree in its path making the path barren while the surround areas were filled with trees. It was pretty eerie. When we showed up there was also a huge thunder and lightning storm going just south of us that made for a frightening scene. 

The house we were helping to build was just in its beginning stages so we were in charge of putting in the floor. It was pretty cool to go from finishing the painting in Springfield to putting in the floor supports in Joplin. 

We've really had the opportunity to do many things with Habitat already. Since not everyone could be working at once, we found ways to have fun on the work site, too. 

During lunch, a woman that had been affected by the tornado told us her story. It was very moving and made what we are doing here so much more meaningful. By the end of the day the tail end of the storm was coming right for us so we cut it short, but we had completed a lot of the floor and had fun while doing it!

That night we went out in the town to a rooftop bar (our favorite) and got a taste of the what the locals are like in Joplin. It was a crazy scene with a few cowboy hats and boots. As always, we brought the dance party and had an awesome night. 

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