Thursday, July 11, 2013

More baffling

July 8, 2013
Build day in Columbus, OH

For our second build day we all returned to the sites we had been working on the first day. Chris and I were basically finished baffling the second house, we just had the hardest pieces left. They were harder than the others because we had to cut them down to size instead of just sliding the piece in as is. When we finished that job, we started on our next which was to nail pieces of 2x4 wood to the outside corners of the house and then seal them with weather tape. This required measuring the length we would need, determining the correct angle if the piece was touching the roof, and then using a power saw to cut the piece the exact length and angle. It was a lot of work. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favor today which made that job even more difficult. A few things kept popping up that we would realize we needed to do before we could put the pieces up so we ended up cutting more pieces than we actually had time to put up. We were all exhausted after our second build day and were exited to head back to the church. That night a friend of a rider who went to OSU who is also a bike repair guy came by and looked at everyone's bikes. He did a once over for most people, tightening certain things and greasing others, and then for a few he did more major things. I had him look at my bike and apparently a very important piece in the shifting mechanism is bent and is causing my chain to not want to stay on in the lower gears. I will need to get that looked at eventually but for now it's still rideable. Afterwards I cozied up in my sleeping bag and watched the movie "The Truman Show" which was very funny. Afterwards, I fell asleep watching episodes of "The Office" someone had put on the projector screen. Overall it was a pretty good day. 

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