Thursday, July 25, 2013

Raking dirt

July 23, 2013
Second build day in Joplin

Today we split into two groups for working, which was smart since there definitely wasn't 27 people's worth of work on our first build site. I was with the group that went over to another house that was completed but needed landscaping. Our job, with the help of or leader Matt and his tractors, was to rake out the dirt all around the house so they could spread sod all over and make a yard. It was hard work raking dirt but we had a good group and kept the chatter going all day. Also, we had gotten insider information from the Habitat team in Springfield that Matt in Joplin used to be a Christian rock star and was once on tour with his album. They gave us a poster from his album and directed us to his songs on YouTube. During a break, we all gathered around our leaders speakers and listened to one of his songs. When Matt walked over he was pretty embarrassed but had a good attitude about it. We swayed in a circle to his music and then got him to sign our poster. Overall it was a fun day and we got a lot of the dirt spread over the lawn. 

When we went back to the house they were flooring they weren't as far as we thought they'd be because they'd been waiting for the inspector most of the morning before they could move on. We helped them out with the last of the work just as the clouds cleared and once again it was so hot. When we finished the floor it was such a satisfying feeling!

After building, I went with Casey to find the spirit trees we'd heard locals talking about. Since it was only a mile away we grabbed our bikes and found two of them. They are large dead trees that survived in the path of the tornado. As a memorial for those that lost their lives in the tornado, a painter has gone around and painted these trees bright colors. They were really cool to see, especially since all the other trees around them were gone entirely. 

At the host site that night two of the girls had bought pink and purple hair dye. I've never dyed my hair before and since this trip is all about doing things I've never done before (and may never do again) I decided to dye a small section of hair at the back of my head right pink. It was exhilarating. I wasn't sure how much I would like it but once it dried I was really happy with it! 


Dying pink

Final product!

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